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      Craig Wagner
      Craig is the Owner of His passion for fly fishing began at a young age when he used to fish with his father and cousins while on vacation in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley. Always with a fly rod in hand he can be found fishing for pike, walleye and stocked trout at lakes around the Edmonton area. At least two times a month he makes trips to various streams in the Rocky Mountain House and Hinton areas.
      Wesley Wagner
      The youngest of the Wagner boys, Wesley is always the first to raise his hand when fishing is involved. Starting at such a young age in a place with as limited fly fishing opportunities as Edmonton has been a challenge to find a suitable fishing location for Wesley. When vacation locations are chosen however, they always have a place for him to fish nearby.
      Brodey Wagner
      While not the most avid fly fisher in the family, Brodey still enjoys fishing in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta with his father and brother. Although he only gets out a few times a year, he always looks forward to the outdoors and camping with friends and family.
      Adrienne Koch
      Adrienne is's Fashion Model and Brand Ambassador. She has been fishing from a young age but previous to joining had never fly fished. Now she is anxious to learn all there is to know about it.